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About Us

FIES Company, a company under the bigger Holding Group, Heiba Group, is the consultancy linking between the private sector and governmental mega projects fostering the perfect economic environment for businesses to thrive. We focus on the theme of Energy and Infrastructure to be aligned with the nations’ direction moving forward. FIES is a group of shareholders partners in the fields of Oil and Gas, trade and construction and more who founded FIES on the back of over 100 years of top-level experiences. 

Reinforcing Steel

"We are striving to Become the MENA regional leader in Mega Economic and infrastructure growth Projects"

Building the New World


Word of the Chairman

''Since 1982, Heiba Group, our mother company, has been growing year by year in various fields. It was a privilege to grow up learning the trade of business and development from family legacy. We take pride in our international approach and our competitive spirit to stand out for our excellence. We understand the importance of technology in the growth of all industries, hence we stay updated and adopt a constant adaptation strategy. With a diverse portfolio, we are continuously determined for more challenging opportunities and expansion plans. Our work is constant.''


Countries We Work With

  • Egypt

  • India

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • Kuwait

  • Libya

  • Germany

  • China

  • Russia

  • Bulgaria

  • UAE

  • Uganda

  • Ivory Coast

  • Senegal

  • Kenya

  • Tanzania

  • Cameroon