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When Growth is the Driver, and Economic development is the destination

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Oil & Gas

Onshore & Offshore

FIES along with its global partners is involved in a wide range of developing refineries, petrochemical complexes, pipelines, production facilities, Exploration and work-over for oil fields production companies. 

Our Services Scope include:

  • EPC Contracting

  • Logistics & Pipeline installation 

  • Maintenance

  • Heavy Machinery & Equipment

  • Chemical Treatment 

  • Subsea services

  • Marine Services

    • Tug Boats

    • Barges

    • Supply vessels (AHTS-MPSV)


Oil Trading

Making Energy Accessible

FIES facilitates and oversees a wide variety of trading services, including:

  • Crude Oil

  • Naphta

  • LNG & NGL

  • Coal

  • Gas

  • Mazot

  • Products



Connecting the World

Transportation is a main influence of economic growth. At FIES, we clearly see the importance of building the necessary infrastructure to connect different economic hubs, and trade centers. For that matter, our expertise lies in the following areas of the Transportation sector:

  • Railway Line new projects & rehabilitation

  • Locomotive supply

  • Trams & Metro

  • Spare parts of rolling stocks

  • Signaling and Telecom stocks


Power Energy

The Key to sustainable development

At FIES, our scope of power energy has a multifaceted areas of focus, including conventional power stations and Renewable energy: 

  • Power Stations

  • Substations

  • Transmission lines

  • Cables

  • Solar Energy Projects

  • Wind Turbines

  • Hydro Power



Enabling a bigger Future

FIES, through a vast network, of highly capable and leading partners, provides, under the context of infrastructure projects, the following:

  • Sea Ports

  • Water Irrigation projects

  • Land Reclamation

  • Quarries

  • Highways

  • Water Projects:

    • Desalination ​

    • Sewage Treatment

    • Zero Liquid Discharge

    • Water Treatment Projects


Industrial Automation & Modernization

Upheaving Industrial Performance

At FIES, we are committed to modernize and bring industrial plants to the modern standards. 

For that matter, FIES has a collective experience of more than 150+ projects in industrial automation and modernization.

  • Full scale SCADA implementation

  • ERP implementation 

  • PLC Systems Installation

  • Control Panel building and Installation

  • Motion Control

  • Robotic Process Automation

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